It's as easy as 1-2-3

You will be up and running in no time with a virtual 3d space that boost engagement, upgrade social media campaigns and inform online viewers about the documented projects and events. 


Phase 1 - Book a scan

In a couple of hours, we will document your project or exhibition using a panoramic capturing technology. It's the first step toward an online immersive experience. 

Phase 2 - We process it

In 48 hours, we will stitch the footage to create a virtual walk-through (like google street view) including, per choice, annotations, schematic floor-plan, and VR.

Phase 3 - Share online

We will than supply a simple link that you can incorporate on your site, social networks, mailing lists etc.                                                                                                           

Keep a onetime exhibition for ever

Documenting an exhibition with Matterporttm technology enables online visitors to experience the show long after it is over. Artists, curators, researchers and students will benefit from a new way to experience an ever-expanding archive.

Next generation immersive media

Our walkthroughs feel like an indoor google street view. Use these tours to track and document the lifecycle of construction projects; showcase your venue to online viewers; communicate with suppliers and have online viewers that can’t be there in person experience your space as if they are there. 
Our walkthroughs are delivered within 48 hours  and can be shared online

Boost engagement 

With 3d virtual showcases

360Tiks 3d virtual tour feels like an indoor google street view. Use these tours to showcase your venue to online viewers.  Show off your space to attract potential stakeholders. Have online viewers that can’t be there in person experience your venue as if they are there. 


Encourage dialogue

Communicate with hot spots

Built-in hot spots are anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you're able to add descriptions and embed almost anything - like additional photos, video, or audio files - right in your 3D Space.


Enhance online presence

by using Google step inside

360 TiKS provides the possibility to integrate your 3d scans with Google Street View. We present high-resolution photography, state of the art 3D walk-throughs and immersive virtual reality to feature both on your site and on Google business card.


Expand social presence

by prolonging time spent on your posts.

3D Virtual Tours Keep People Looking at your post 5 to 10 Times Longer. Time spent on your site or your Google business Card enhance your online presence.

Enhance  your online presence

Since our foundation in 2010 our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences. Our 3d scans are an entirely new form of immersive 3D media that invites you to explore a place as if you were present. We incorporate site-specific content that enhances your space. Contact us to learn more.



Stand out by using our 3d virtual tours. Lure your online visitors into an immersive experience of your venue by using our state of the art 3d walkthroughs. Your customers may explore your space before coming over. Scanning your place of business and uploading it online turns it into a communication tool for your co-workers and a design tool for safety, renovation or insurance purposes. 
Call us to learn more.


Use the bird View perspective to see the layout of the 3D space as a 3d mesh model.

Explore Inside View to walk around as if using a google street view. Achieve a realistic sense of movement by following white circles on the ground, within a fully cinematic textured space. 


Boost engagement by embedding contextual videos, images, audio or links with multimedia hot spots.

Direct online visitors to points of interest by playing an automatic tour instead of active navigation.

Embed your contact email and phone number right in 3D Showcase so online visitors can address you directly from their mobile.


Google Street View - Publish your scanned place of business to Google Street View (GSV).

Integrated VR Mode – Enjoy a VR mode at the push of a button and share playlists of VR Spaces with a single link.

Embed your address right in the 3D Showcase so online visitors can locate your venue directly from their mobile.


Social Media - Share a space to social media with a click of a button, directly from your 3d scanned showcase.

Easy Embed - Embed your 3d scanned showcase anywhere online, like a youtube. Use HTML parameters to customize your tour. 


3D Model Data - Get beneficial technical assets like reflected ceiling plans and registered point clouds (XYZ) for further 3D processing.

Usage Statistics - Get a monthly or weekly report for each of your virtual tours aggregated from websites and social seedings traffic.


Floorplans – Get B&W and color accurate floor plans

HDR Images - Get 360 panoramas & HDR 2D photographs from any position for all your digital communication needs. 


Doflash LTD. Our mother company had excelled in information visualization and immersive digital experience since 2010. Our clients, government bureaus, cultural institutes, e-learning experts and start-ups had all benefited from our creative and innovative esprit. Along with our skilled team, we bring you, yet another novelty that will enhance and improve your online presence. 

Explain anything with a thorough infographic.


Visualize demos for disruptive technologies.


Deliver stunning augmented reality experiences. 

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